We provide comprehensive technology solutions

DefTech a.s., a member of HMC Invest a.s., is a worldwide company focused on consulting, research, development and trade. It also deals with the development and manufacture of advanced special-purpose armored vehicles as well as other defense industry products. In addition to research and development, our company's engineers provide clients with advisory services. During our years of operation, we have successfully delivered a number of high-end tailor-made solutions.  


There are several research and development teams working with our clients in our 1600 m2 working site. We only use equipment with the highest level of accuracy when working. Our research laboratories have a variety of devices that allow us to produce prototypes quickly. This allows us to move from idea to finished solution in a very short time.


Since the establishment of DefTech, our engineers have successfully developed and delivered a number of tailor-made solutions. Thousands of hours of experience have combined mechanics, electrical engineering and many other disciplines in one. These solutions included not only aerial and ground unmanned platforms, armored vehicles, but also various transmission systems, microwave radars, antennas and high frequency amplifiers.  


In order to provide our clients with a product that meets the highest expectations of quality, reliability and processing, we need to use only the most rigorous procedures and tools in production. As our portfolio includes products that require an iterative approach to development, our laboratories have several technologies for 3D printing, placement and soldering of PCB but also for CNC machining. These machines are operated by qualified and trained technicians, which guarantees our clients the highest possible quality of finished products.


We cooperate with world renowned companies whose products have the highest quality. A wide range of advanced defense industry products can meet all the demands of our demanding clients.


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