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Prototypes and production

During development, we use EDA and CAD software. This allows us to test designs before the prototype phase. This allows us to reduce the time required to complete projects. Before the production of the first prototype, we already have an idea of the product parameters. Our mechatronics department then integrates the components into the final prototype and analyzes their functionality. The results are further passed on to research teams working to improve components. This development cycle enables us to deliver our products earlier and ensure their high technology level.

UAV Unmanned Systems

The history of our company has just begun with them. Since 2012, we have deployed most if not all UAV architectures with different types of payloads.From high definition thermal and hyperspectral cameras to full HD cameras with a high zoom ratio. All camera systems of our UAV platforms are stabilized with their own 3-axis digital gimbal technology with built-in vibration damping.


Microwave radars

Many of our products use radar technology. Anti drone systems use them to scan perimeter against intruders, and UAV systems measure their height above ground.. Our THRUSPOT portable radar system guarantees motion detection through the thickest walls and alerts the user to the immediate danger. Our company uses radar in the S and X bands. Over the years, we have improved our own radar technology to achieve the smallest possible size while maintaining its performance.

Electronic warfare

DefTech is also active in the field of electronic warfare. In this area, we offer solutions for high-power broadband interference as well as for high-directional interference. We also carry out research on interference-resistant radio transmissions and high-energy microwave generators.


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