• DefTech radar Thruspot


It has been designed to reveal even the smallest movements through doors, walls and other various obstacles.
Its operation is quick and easy.

To turn on the radar, just press and hold the white power button located on the right. The system then starts the initialization and calibration process, which takes approximately two seconds. Consequently, the device is fully ready for use.

Compact size and low weight allow easy operation and portability. The integrated radio modem allows the user to remotely secure the perimeter after placing the radar on the floor.

When movement occurs, the user is wirelessly alerted by the vibration of the portable receiver, which can be attached to any metal surface by a magnet. Univerzálny prijímač podporuje umiestnenie viacerých identifikovateľných radarových jednotiek. The universal receiver supports the placement of multiple identifiable radar units. This allows the user to effectively set up multiple secure tracking zones.


Detection range 5 - 10 m across the wall
20 m without obstacles
Battery Life min. 2 h - depending on the amount of movement
Charging Micro-USB
Detection threshold Dynamically controlled
Multiple Zone Tracking When using multiple units