Frontier DT3


DefTech Frontier DT3 Unmanned Flying Device is an evolutionary product offered by our company. In developing the device, we fully used all the knowledge and experience we gained from previous DT1 and DT2 models. DefTech Frontier DT3 is a modern high-tech UAV drone that has a superior specification. Thanks to its superior features, it will meet your most advanced tactical needs.

DefTech Frontier DT3 is designed to be conveniently transported and operated by one person. The intelligent design allows ease use and quick staff training.

Due to the possibility of using the system in severe weather and temperature conditions, the DefTech Frontier DT3 is the ideal choice for defense and rescue components in monitoring and tracking, emergency response, search and rescue, aerial photography, perimeter defense, thermal mapping, pipeline inspection and many other activities.


Flight time Up to 65 min
Max. speed 75 km/h
Temperature range Ftom -20 °C to 50 °C
max. wind speed 15 m/s (odporúčané)
Data link range 15 km with direct visibility
ZOOM Camera • Resolution 1920x1080
• Combined zoom 360x
• Day / Night mode (IR light sensitive)
Infrared camera • Resolution 640x512
• Frame freq 25 Hz
• Lens selectable
Camera stabilization 3-axis gimbal tehnology
Other features • Laser pointer
• TR LED - Night vision
• Interchangeable gimbal system
• Gimbal with zoom / thermovision camera
• Autonomous mode
• Effective 50V system
• Customizable payload
Weight 5 - 7 kg
Dimensions • Composite: 560 x 380 x 115 mm
• Unfolded: 610 x 610 x 250 mm (without propellers)
• Unfolded: 1020 x 1020 x 250 mm (with propellers)